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an agriculture information gateway for Australian researchers

"Asparagus Facts"

explains history, growing, processing, and more

"Asparagus Officinalis"

discusses varieties and cultivation

"Asparagus Variety Performance"

shows results in essay and table form

"B's Cucumber Pages"

the science, lore, and delightful uses (culinary and otherwise) of the cucumber. Lots of recipes too

"Belgian Endive Marketing Board"

endive's fame and versatility has spread worldwide, as more more cooks and chefs turn to Belgium for the most flavorful, hardiest, tastiest endive in the world, and the only source for the very best quality endive

"British Potato Council"

organization featuring a list of events, and offering lots of potato-related informations

"Cabbage Page"

recipes and information

"California Artichoke Advisory Board"

artichoke recipes, preparation, mechandising, shipping, growing, facts, news, health, growers, and care

"California Asparagus Commission"

History of Asparagus, Simple Cooking Basics, Great Asparagus Recipes, Nutritional Info, Asparagus Hints, Growing & Harvesting, Shipping & Handling, Packing & Storing

"CGIAR Research"

description, history of cultivation, global significance, and current research

"Cool Stuff About Asparagus"

includes facts, history, how to select and store, and an asparagus crossword puzzle

"De Locht"

Dutch National Asparagus and Mushroom Museum

"Deleware Cooperative Extension: Asparagus"

explains growing, varieties, and pests.

"Discovery Online: The Skinny On Asparagus"

why it makes your pee stink

"eFruit International"

the global electronic marketplace for buyers and sellers of fresh fruit and vegetables

"Empire State Potato Club"

informational site for consumers, potato growers, seed producers and Empire Farm Days participants

"Epicurean's Delight"

offers marinated garlic and other garlic products

"Epicurius Food Dictionary"

dictionary reference and description including recipes

"Farmers Pick"

garlic braids and chili pepper ristras in addition to a complete line of edible garlic, chili pepper and culinary herb decoratives

"Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association"

representing growers

"Garlic Festival Foods"

gourmet garlic products from Gilroy

"Garlic Information Centre"

an international information service on the medicinal benefits of garlic

"Garlic Page"

cooking page and lots of informations about garlic

"Garlic Store, The"

garlic for chefs and gardeners available online along with garlic foods, gifts, and information

"Greenhouse Vegetable Information"

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and media system design, installation and management. Greenhouse management and tomato production

"Hendry County - Horticulture Web Site"

Southwest Florida vegetable pest and disease hotline, vegetables newsletter, and links. Crops covered include watermelon, tomato, pepper

"Herfruit S.L."

producer of carrots and vegetables

"Horticulture Online"

gardening articles from Horticulture magazine. Covers floriculture, garden design, xeriscape, flower gardening, hydroponics, vegetable gardening, flower gardens, flora, fertilizers, etc. Search back issues


worldwide directory for horticulture

"Idaho Potato Commission"

Idaho potato recipes, teaching materials, nutrition and reference information, contacts, and more

"Idaho Potato Official Web Site"

informational pages include recipes, photos, tips, and offers of genuine Idaho potatoes. Updated regularly with seasonal information

"Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onions"

about Spanish Sweet onions from Idaho-Eastern Oregon, including retailers, onion sizes and specs, storage and preparation hints, and recipes


association of fresh produce processors

"International Potato Center (CIP)"

working to enhance the cultivation, yield, processing, and consumption of potatoes

"International Sprout Growers Association"

includes information on where to find sprouts, who produces sprouts, sprout recipes and nutritional information, and more

"Jordan Brothers Ranch and Artichokes.net"

provides information on varieties of artichoke, business, links and ecommerce

"Mann Packing Company, Incorporated"

broccoli grower providing history, recipes and a kids club

"Misionero Vegetables & Mission International"

U.S. grower, shipper and exporter of lettuces, cauliflower, broccoli, berries and organic specialty salad mixes

"Montlhy Market Basket: Carrots"

features consumer and cooking guide, as well as recipes

"Mountain Valley Produce"

harvests potatoes and a variety of lettuce

"National Onion Association Online"

provides information about onions to farmers, distributors, and consumers; recipes, trivia, and nutritional facts are all available

"National Potato Council, The"

the only national, non-profit trade association working for the well being of the U.S. potato industry on federal governmental issues

"National Potato Promotion Board"

recipes and recitips, related links, nutrition informations

"North American Potato Market News, Inc."

a weekly publication relating news on shipping volume, production, pricing information, and other useful information related to the Potato market and its general outlook

"Nunes Company, Inc. and Foxy Vegetables"

present Foxy brand vegetables

"Nutri-Tech Solutions"

an Australian company specialising in organic fertilisers. Offers free soil therapy check

"Ocean Mist Farms"

with artichoke information and recipes

"Official French Fries Page, The"

everything about French Fries is right here


specializing in high quality flower (annual and perennial) and vegetable seeds, plants, and supplies

"Pepper Joe's"

specializes in rare and unusual hot pepper seeds that are organic

"Pickle Packers International, Inc."

trade association for the pickled vegetable industry offers recipes, educational materials, and more

"Pinetree Garden Seeds"

sells a selection of different flower, herb and vegetable seeds

"Potato Grower Magazine"

includes daily news, feature articles, and a list of contacts and companies related to the potato industry

"Potato Information Exchange"

dedicated to all sorts of information links that have anything to do with the Potato. Also included is a wealth of information on Oregon state production and research being accomplished.

"Potato Petiole Sampling and Guidelines"

contains sampling techniques, illustrations, interpretation of results, nitrates, phosphates, and more

"Potato Products International Ltd."

a young and dynamic seed company that specializes in the breeding, production agronomy and marketing of potato hybrids

"Prince Edward Island Potato Board"

features consumer guide

"Produce World"

the definitive site for the produce industry. E-Commerce, produce information, transportation, import and export

"Profiles Products, Inc."

storage and ripening pockets for fruit and vegetables

"Red River Valley Potato Growers Association"

promoting unity of the potato growers of Minnesota and North Dakota

"Seed Germination Database"

Seed Germination Database for hundreds of plants from Thompson and Morgan.

"Southern African Seeds"

order on-line

"Sprout House"

source of information and products on this miracle food. Full list of organic sprouting seeds and kits

"Sprout People, The"

organic sprout and sprouting seed source for alfalfa, broccoli, beans and grass seeds

"Stokes Seeds"

features flower, vegetable, herb, perennial seeds, garden accessories and planting instructions for commercial growers and home gardeners

"Sunspiced, Inc."

custom packer and shipper of fresh potatoes and onions

"Super Marrow World"

dedicated to the marrow (or zucchini)

"Vegetable at Food Resource"

General information, images and links

"Vegetable Gardening: Asparagus"

explains the basics of growing

"Vegetable Gardening: Carrots"

explains the basics of growing the vegetable

"Vegetables Pest Control Information"

weed, insect and disease control information

"Vegetarian Guide"

recipes, restaurants, events

"Vegetarian OnLine"

Portal to vegetarianism in Australia supplying advertising of products, services, restaurants and links to anything that apeals to our vegetarian life styles


the definitive vegetarian-friendly restaurant guide for traveling vegetarians in the United States


a detailed and informative vegetarian resource center. With chat, pen pals, parenting, weight loss tips and much more

"West African Vegetables"

information on commonly grown West African vegetables, including scientific names, production techniques and common uses

"Wicklund Farms"

manufacturer of Spiced Green Beans

"Wong Farms"

send a gift of a number of different varieties of fresh and tasty tomatoes grown in California. Also farm history and a list of California farmers markets

"World Geography of the Potato"

data on almost everything about the potato, from the history of its introduction in a particular country to how spuds fit into a nation's cuisine

"World Potato Congress"

information about potatoes for potato retailers, growers, dealers, breeders, and consumers

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