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"Abigail's Garden"
online marketer of African Violet pots, Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions, Cozy Herbal Packs, and People Coolers. Fertilizer specialists


nitrogen fertilizer producer in Europe

"Advanced Fertilizing Technology Pty Ltd"

supplier of water saving polymers chelates surfactants and liquid fertilizers

"Ag Chemicals"

full line of all ag chemicals, seed, fertilizer, grower financing and precision agricultural technology. A division of Con Agra

"Agan Chemical Manufacturers"

agricultural crop protection chemicals, supplying markets worldwide

"Agri-Cal Liquid Calcium"

a "calcium saturated chelating agent" that is a true solution. Agri-Cal flows easily through ordinary field spray equipment or irrigation systems


a natural product promoting vigorous plant growth


provides fertilizer products to a variety of customers in agricultural, indust speciality and export markets

"Agrocan Corporation"

specializes in manufacturing and distributing NPK fertilizers to China fast-growing agricultural market. Its fertilizers are tailored made to suit crop, climate and soil conditions in different regions of China

"Agrofermex Grupo Empresarial, S.A. de C.V."

produces modern fertilizers for the development of Mexico. Products include Amonium Sulfates, Amonium Nitrate, and Phosphates

"AgroPro Ltd."

convenient soil test packages include all you need to receive a complete laboratory analysis of your soil. Free fertilizer recommendations with every soil test

"Agxplore International"

agricultural products distributed internationally including micronutrients and fertilizers

"Albright Seed Company"

experts in the practical application of plant science, turf grass, wildflowers, beneficial fungi, fertilizers, resource conservation, water use, erosion control

"Alfredo Iñesta, S.L"

liquid fertilizers, lack and salinity correctors, aminoacids and biostimulators for agriculture

"Algoflash America, Inc."

sales of the Algoflash range of fertilizer products for garden and houseplants. Includes online ordering.

"Angus Fertilizers"

based in Montrose, Scotland, are a leading supplier of agricultural and horticultural plant nutrient

"Art Wilson Co."

specializes in soil conditioners and amendments such as gypsum, limeston sulfur, organic matter (compost) and water soluble polymers

"Associated River Terminal"

wholesale fertilizer distributor

"Australian Environment Technology Ltd."

sells a range of liquid and solid fertilisers for the commercial and domestic markets in Australia and Asia-Pacific region

"Bandini Fertilizer Company"

supplying professional growers in the western US with the Pro Choice line of fertilizers. Also specializing in custom blend fertilizer and soil formulations

"BayWA AG München"

fertilizer company located in Munich, Germany

"BayWA AG München"

fertilizer company located in Munich, Germany

"Bicco Agro Products Pvt. Ltd."

offers bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and micronutrients

"Bioga Biofertlizers and Bionutrients"

manufacturer of biofertilizers for plants and bionutrients for animals with intelligent programmation

"Blackmore Company"

greenhouse equipment including automated seeders (seed sowing equipment), flat fillers, plug transplanters, taggers. Greenhouse supplies include a full line of plug trays, and growing flats and pots. Belleville, Michigan

"BOP Fertiliser Ltd."

single site fertiliser manufacturer

"Cairn Tech"

an environmentally friendly company providing innovative Agricultural, Garden products

"California Fertilizer Association"

represents fertilizer manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retail dealers that sell products within California

"Can Grow Inc."

one of the most visible and most progressive independently owned fertilizer companies in South Western Ontario

"Cargill, Inc."

single source for a wide range of quality products and vertically integrated distribution services unprecedented in the fertilizer industry

"Cargill, Incorporated"

international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products


fertilizer producer in Eastern Europe.

"Cleveland Potash Limited"

Providers of top quality agricultural and chemical potash for markets across the globe

"Coda Corp"

develops crop nutrition products and soil correctors to increase crop yields of horticultural crops, fruit trees and ornamental crops, among others


manufacturers and supplies of Organic, Natural, Bio Fertilizers and soil conditioners, detoxifiers

"Deepak Fertiliser"

a manufacturing base with investments in dyes, intermediates, aromatic \n chemicals, petrochemicals and fertilisers

"Earthgreen Products, Inc."

specializes in natural carbon, trace mineral, humic and fulvic acid-based products

"Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd."

has the professionalism and work ethic of a multinational to stay ahead of the field Engros growth orientation and performance has gained recognition from local and international organizations

"Erindale Products Ltd"

The Micromix range of micronutrient products and mixtures, plus adjuvants and additives for the farmer and grower

"Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited"

a leading fertilizer manufacturing company with over 40% share of urea manufacturing and marketing in Pakistan

"Ferti World"

A Cyber Center dedicated to empower the chemical fertilizer industry with instant news and industry interaction


site includes Fertilizer Market Reports, Fertilizer Europe, Fertilizer Focus, Fertilizer Price Forecast, Spotlight Eastern Europe, and FMB European Fertilizer Conference and Exhibition

"Four Seasons Crop Care, Inc."

specialty fertilizer supplier to the homeowner, lawn and garden shops, and turf businesses. Fertilizers, seeds and soil testing services for the serious gardener and garden shop owner

"Frit (UK) Ltd."

specialist in organic seaweed extracts and soluble powder micronutrients and liquid micro-nutrients that are manufactured locally in the UK

"Green Air Products"

manufactures a large line of horticultural, atmospheric and nutrient control systems for both the hobbyist and the small-scale greenhouse grower

"Green Gro Ltd."

hydroponic fertilizers that address the exact nutritional requirements of your specialty crops

"Green-Gro Garden Products, Ltd."

manufacturers of hydroponic nutrients and soil supplements in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

"Grow More"

manufacturer of foliar and drip irrigation fertilizers, biostimulants, micronutrients and more

"Growth Products"

liquid solutions source for fertilizers, micronutrients, and natural organics

"Grupo Agrimartin"

Spanish manufacturer of organic, organomineral and mineral fertilizers

"Heartland Fertilizer Company"

Florida fertilizer manufacturer for products with a wide range of applications

"Herald International"

importers and exporters of fertilizers, edible oils, fats, soap oils, rubber, steel products, and other agricultural commodities and petroleum products

"Hi Fert"

offering base and coated fertilizer products

"Holland Farming"

manufacturer of biological growthpromoters(cropmax) and bio-pesticides (entomax) for professional agriculture, horticulture and floriculture

"Hongfu Undustry & Commerce Development Co., Ltd."

phosphate plant in Asia; provides a viriety of chemical products with advanced technology

"Hudgins Garden Center"

products include lawn starter fertilizers, lawn fertilizer, nursery complete products. Delivery service and on-line ordering coming soon

"Huminite Ltd."

produce of animal feed supplement, natural humus granules plant growth stimulator and soil conditioner, bioactive liquid humus with natural biostimulating and complex forming effect

"IMC Global, Inc."

premier supplier of crop nutrients, animal feed ingredients, salt and specialty products for agriculture, home and industrial markets

"IMC-Agrico Company"

the premier worldwide phosphate supplier through its industry-leading production, marketing, distribution and customer support systems

"Infinity Fertilizer"

botanical natural plant nutrient that is water soluable and fast releasing

"International Potash Company"

exporter of potash fertilizers from Russia and Belarus

"Irish Fertilizer Industries (IFI)"

manufacturer of fertilizer and related chemicals in Ireland

"J.R. Simplot Company"

supplies the grower with integrated crop suport, seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, and consulting services. Site includes Farm Tours amd current alfalfa market reports

"John Hatcher and Company Ltd."

suppliers to the UK

"JSC Acron"

produces three types of nitrogen fertilizers, including ammonium nitrate, calcium-ammonium nitrate and urea, as well as complex fertilizer NPK containing varying mass proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in Russia

"Lifa Srl"

manufactures agriculture and gardening products: raticides, insecticides, fungicides, snail killing baits, fertilizers, grafting mastic and wax, rat tapping glue, entomologic glue.

"Lovochemie, a.s."

manufacturing of synthetic fertilizers and viscose fibres

"Masterblend International"

Manufacturer of fertlizer for commercial growers and home gardeners worldwide

"Mediterránea De Agroquímicos"

Spanish manufacturer of liquid fertilizers for use with irrigation water and leaf spray

"Mississippi Chemical Corporation"

manufacturer of fertilizers with all three primary crop nutrients: nit phosphorus and potassium

"Needham Group Ltd"

quarrying of chalk and flint, based in Suffolk, producing knapped flints and calcium carbonate for industry horticulture and agriculture. Supplying and spreading of lime, Fibrophos and Siltex

"North Americak Kelp"

fertilizers for agricultural and horticultural industries

"North East Green Tech"

Indian fertilizer manufacturers and exporters of organic bio fertilizer, organic lawn, bio-fertilizer, lawn fertilizer, humus

"Nu Gro Corporation"

Canadian supplier of fertilizer to the North American retail market. Products include slow release nitrogen, such as SCU, and Nutralene

"Nutri-Tech Solutions"

an Australian company specialising in organic fertilisers. Offers free soil therapy check

"Omnia Specialties"

a South African chemicals group which specializes in the production and marketing of fertilizers, mining explosives and industrial chemicals

"P & L Fertilizer Company"

manufacturer of liquid fertilizer

"Pasa Petroquimica Argentina"

offering fertilizers, urea, hexane, aromatics, caucho, rubber, nitrile, SBR, NBR, parafins, naphta, styrene, butadiene, and propellents;

"Pennington Seed, Inc."

a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional turfgrass products as well as a complete line of consumer Lawn and Garden Products

"Pinetree Garden Seeds"

sells a selection of different flower, herb and vegetable seeds

"Plant + Aid"

plant fertilizer and soil conditioner


products include biological fertilizers including organic amendments, biostimulators, special fertilizers, deficiency correctors, and foliar fertlizers

"Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan"

commercial producer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash in Canada

"PowerRich Corporation"

produces a complete nutrient fertilizer

"Premier Chemical Co. Ltd"

importer and manufacturer of plant protection products, fertilizers and animal health products

"Processed Gypsum Products Australia"

offers Gypsum which is 100% natural and will increases crop quality, yields and improve soil structure. Hi-Ag, Turf-Gyp, Micro-Gyp products benefit a wide range of agricultural enterprises

"Pursell Industries, Inc"

manufacturers of Sta-Green, Greenskote, Parker, TruGreen and other fertilizers, plant food, weed killers, insecticides, and more


producer of Urea and Amonia

"Renaissance Fertilizer"

Fertilizers for lawns and gardens


a major producer of potash with an international sales network

"Script Fertilizer"

individually tailored to the soil and crop conditions on your farm

"Seed Market"

a combination of five companies to bring customers the wide selection of seed and fertilizers


manufacturer of agricultural micronutrient oxysulfate granular products in the Southern United States

"Shangai Yuyuan Bio-Engineeting Co., Ltd."

a microbial fertilizer and bacterium powder manufacturer with advanced technique and great achievements in China

"SILC s.a.s."

Italian fertilizer company

"Solufeed Ltd"

providers of top quality water soluble nutrients for commercial horticultural crops

"Solvalub Group"

producers and traders of Russian fertilizer such anhydrous ammonia, urea and UAN. The Group has production facilities as well as a chemical port on the Baltic Sea

"Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc."

fertlizers and pesticides for gardens, farms, greenhouses, and golf courses, as well as AG-related links

"Stoller Group, The"

offers a complete line of products in granular and liquid form for crop nutrition

"Terra Industries Inc."

a marketer and producer of nitrogen fertilizer, crop protection products, seed and services for farmers

"Territorial Seed Co."

carries a variety of organic seeds and supplies, including soils, fertlizers

"Tiger Industries"

manufacters and distributors of sulphur-based fertilizers and micronutrients

"Unified Systems L.L.C."

creates healthy soil which produces a healthy vibrant lawn

"Verdegaal Brothers, Inc."

warehouses various liquid and dry agricultural fertilizers for fertilizer \nmanufactures, for distribution to fertilizer dealers

"Watch Us Grow, Inc."

concentrated, liquid fertilizer containing micro-nutrients and fortified with a trademarked ingredient called FOL-ADE

"Western Farm Service"

crop protection chemicals, fertilizing chemicals


an international company specializing in the marketing, distribution and formulation of agricultural products

"Wilson Fertilizer"

soil testing, fertilizer, seed and chemicals for corn or beans

"WMC Fertilizers Operations"

world-class chemical processing operation which utilizes a phosphate rock resource 150 kilometers south of Mount Isa, to produce ammonium phosphate fertilizers for domestic and international use

"Yield-Plus Agricultural Products"

selling a plant nutrient solution that is claimed to help plants minimise the harmful effects of stress, produces optimally with naturally better yields and quality, as well as earlier harvest and increased income

"Yuyuan Nio Engineering"

leaf surface fertilizers from Chinese biotech firm

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