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"Aero Agro Chemical Industries Ltd."
Producers of herbicides using natural resources to produce eco-friendly products.


designers of tramline systems for both air delivery and press drill tramline systems, used in crop management and weed control.

"Atlantic Pty Ltd"

Supplies organic insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers, and crop sprays to the floriculture, agriculture, intensive horticulture and orchard industries.

"Beyond Discovery Designer Seeds"

Farmers are now beginning to have at their disposal crop seeds that are genetically endowed not only to resist damage from insects, but also to be resistant to herbicides.


plant doctors on call to help gardeners and growers avoid harsh pesticides and use the least toxic products more successfully.

"Central Rivers Cooperative"

Central Rivers is a company built by local growers serving agricultural as well as consumer needs.

"Cooper Mill Ltd"

distributor of biological and chemical products for insect and vegetation management. Special emphasis on insect pheromones and monitoring tools.

"CWC Chemical"

distributor and manufacturer of herbicides, adjuvants, tree growth regulators, and more.

"Dupont AG"

chemical pproducts like insecticides and herbicides for agriculture industry

"Fax S.A."

leader in fertlizers, pest control systems, herbicides, plant growing regulators.

"FAX-Technical Services to Agriculture"

sells accessories for fumigation, herbicides, agroindustrial equipment, seeds, and manuals

"Green Mountain Co. Ltd."

Products include pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, planting media, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


manufacturers and exporters of agrochemicals, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and all the range of pest control chemicals

"J.R. Simplot Company"

supplies the grower with integrated crop suport, seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, and consulting services. Site includes Farm Tours amd current alfalfa market reports

"Jiangsu Institute of Economes"

Manufactures herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, and insect pheromones as well as chemical intermediates.

"Lifa Srl"

Lifa is specialised in the production and packaging of products for agriculture and gardening: raticides, insecticides, snail killing baits, fungicides, fertilizers, grafting mastic and wax, rat tapping glue, entomologic glue.

"Luxembourg Industries"

manufactures crop protection products, industrial and fine chemicals.

"Nobbe Seeds"

a large variety of seed corn, soybeans, wheat, and small grains

"Novartis Crop Protection Inc."

Supplier of agricultural chemicals, including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seed treatment, and turf and ornamental products.

"R & D Sprayers Inc."

Research, design, and manufacturing of herbicide and pesticide spray units, providing a wide range of sprayers and special designs.


manufacturer of agrochemicals.


hand-held herbicide wipe-on applicator.

"Sonic Bloom"

Growing system using sound and nutrients; results in using less herbicides.


herbicide application system.

"Timberland Enterprises Inc."

Distributor of forestry herbicides.

"Valent USA Corporation"

develops and markets products that protect crops, enhance yields, and improve food quality.

"Waipuna International Ltd."

provides environmentally friendly product for domestic and municipal weed control, graffiti removal, chewing gum removal and general cleansing.


Our abrasive beams scratch and inoculate targeted plants with minute amounts of undiluted herbicides. The most rugged weeds die first. WeedSweep brush applicators can kill all vegetation.

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